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Sanatorium "Khmilnyk" is the most powerful institution of the Kmilnyk resort. Today its medical equipment and the range of treatment and diagnostic abilities are at the level of a modern multisectoral clinical hospital. The sanatorium is situated in a picturesque part of Vinnytsya region and there is everything needed for treatment, rehabilitation and recreation – radon mineral water with unique structure, large deposits of healing peaty mud, favorable climate, clean highly ionized air, nearby river and forest expanse. The "Khmilnyk sanatorium" brand advantages are effective treatment with an individual approach to each patient combined with personal service, family comfort and hospitality.

Our specialization:

Treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • central and peripheral nervous system;
  • heart and vessels;
  • endocrine system;
  • urethra system;
  • female and male genitals;
  • skin.

Health-improving programs:  "Antistress", "Excess weight lose", "Lipid exchange correction", "Complex body refinement", "Female and male health", "Leg relief".

Business tourism (seminars, trainings, presentations, corporative recreation).

Our Natural healing factors:

Radon mineral water which unique chemical structure has no analogs in the world. It is classified as radon-carbonaceous hydrocarbonate-chloride-calcium-natrium water with high manganese content. It is is particularly effective in treatment musculoskeletal apparatus, nervous, cardiovascular and urogenital systems.

Peaty mud of Viytivetske deposit provides anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, immunostimulating and bland effects, promotes the resolution of scars and commissures of any localization.

Climate: The air in the sanatorium is particularly clean, saturated with conifer aroma and healing ozone. The combination of huge forest expanse and water basin with calming birds' singing creates curative microclimate.


  • The great advantage of diagnostics at "Khmilnyk" sanatorium is the possibility to devote time to your health and combine the diagnostics with recreation
  • The list of laboratory, functional and tool based methods of tests at the sanatorium "Khmilnyk"
  • General clinical blood test (hemoglobin, red (blood) cells, leukogram, platelet, erythrocyte sedimentation rate - ESR).
  • Biochemical blood tests:
    • Aluminous spectrum; hemoglobin;
    • lipids;
    • bilirubin, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotra spermogram nsferase, thymol (turbidity) test;
    • clotting activity;
    • electrolytes (potassium, calcium, sodium);
    • сreatinine, urea, uric acid;
    • glucose (oscillation), tolerance test;
    • sialic acid.
  • Blood test for prostatic specific antigen (PSA).
  • General clinical urine test.
  • Urine test for glucose.
  • Diastase urine.
  • Spermogram.
  • Test of prostatic fluid, urethrogram.
  • Test of synovial [joint] fluid.
  • Test of cervical, urethral smear.
  • And: Electrocardiogram, exercise electrocardiogram, postexercise electrocardiogram; Holter monitoring; Electrocardioscopia; Oximetry; Dopplerography (the modern method of brain, heart, limbs vessels examination); Ultrasonic examination of; Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); Computer-aided tomography (CAT); Duplex vessels scanning; Computer electroencephalogram; Densitometry; Rheovasoography; Rheoencephalography; Goniometria, detection of spin movement range.
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Medical treatment

Sanatorium "Khmilnyk" is unique due to the implementation of its own natural medicinal resources such as radon mineral water and healing peaty mud of Viytivetske deposit, which when combined with physiotherapeutic and medicamental procedures have the maximum effect.

Medical and recreational resources of "Khmilnyk" sanatorium consists of the following:

radonotherapy (radon baths: general, vortex baths for upper and lower extremities, 2 and 4 chamber, radon-bubble; underwater massage shower, hydrokinetic therapy and vertical spine pulling in radon water pool, gynecological and dental irrigation); therapeutic baths (carbonic acid gas bath, turpentine bath, iodide-bromine bath, sea bath, coniferous bath, aromabaths -  valerian, rosemary); douches (circular douche, Charcot's douche, rain douche, rising douche, hydrolaser douche); dry vertical spine pulling – graduated spine pulling with vibratory massage, thermal influence and electromagnetic field ; local cryotherapy – treatment with extra low temperatures down to -180°С; mineral water pump-room with the water of Zbruchanske deposit ("Naftusya" analogue); therapeutic physical training (group and individual trainings with the instructor, training equipment including Euminov profilactor, terrenkur); mechanotherapy (self-care and professional skills renewal); pelotherapy (treatment with peaty mud of Viytivetske deposit – galvanic mud, rectal and vaginal tampons); thermal treatment (ozocerite-paraffin application); massage (classical, reflex segmental, connective tissue, periosteal, nerve-point massage, vacuum, vibratory massage, anti-cellulitis massage with thermal envelopment, general massage with honey); multifunctional thermal massage beds; electrical myostimulation (muscle stimulation,  increase of blood flow, lifting); manual therapy of all spine parts and joints; speleotherapy (Solotvino salt caves analogue); pneumopressing therapy (microcirculation acceleration that enhances blood rheology, tissues trophism, lymphatic drainage, stabilizes arterial pressure); hirudotherapy (leech treatment); aromatherapy; phytotherapy (phytooxigen cocktails, herbal teas, phytoinhalations); microwave therapy; extracorporal shock wave therapy; physiotherapeutic methods of treatment: electrosleep, electrophoresis and phonophoresis of medicines, amplipulse, darsonvalization. inductothermy, UHF, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, mahnitolazer, "Bioptron", UV (local and general), singlet-oxygen therapy, inhalation (including nebulayzer); information-wave therapy of bioactive zones; osteoperiostic acupuncture – the modern effective way of treatment spine and joints diseases; barotherapy; intestinal irrigation with herbal decoction; treatment of prostate diseases, potency disorders, male infertility - prostate massage, local negative pressure influence, hydrocortisone and traumeel iontophoresis, mud tampons, hydrolaser rising douche, electric cavity heater for prostate hyperthermia; speaking skills rehabilitation with logopedist-aphasiologist for post stroke patients (personal speech rehabilitation, understanding of people's speech, exercises to renew reading, writing and counting abilities); podiatric correction correction to prevent pancreatic diabetes complications (hygienic foot handling, hyperkeratosis removal, nail growth correction, treatment of fungus, fissures, superficial ulcers, etc); dietotherapy; climate therapy; individual programms of self control methods education ("Pancreatic diabetes patient school").

our rooms

Today, the trade union sanatorium "Chmielnik" ready to receive 750 guests at the same time wishing to relax and be treated in the sanatorium.
The single and double rooms with all amenities, as well as "luxury" and "apartment" room category for you to create a real family atmosphere and comfort. At your service - satellite TV, internet (wifi), radio, iron, refrigerator, hair dryer, etc. The vast majority of rooms have a balcony or loggia.

Rest and nothing to worry about. Our rooms are serviced round the clock, Professional and unobtrusive!

An integral component of rehabilitation in the sanatorium "Chmielnik" is a balanced diet, which greatly improves the efficiency of the impact on the body of specific resort factors.

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BREAKFAST 8:30 9:30
LUNCH 13:30 14:30
DINNER 16:30 17:00
SUPPER 18:30 19:30
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How to book a sanatorium voucher?

Would you like to buy sanatorium voucher with cash payment?

  1. Contact the sales department of sanatorium vouchers in order to find out information about the availability.
  2. The voucher can be paid directly at the ticket office of the sanatorium.

Want to buy a sanatorium voucher via bank transfer?

  1. Contact the sales department of sanatorium vouchers.
  2. Kindly coordinate your date of arrival and the duration of your stay in the sanatorium (especially for the summer period).
  3. Transfer money (according to the provided invoice) to the bank account of "Clinical sanatorium "Khmelnik".
  4. Upon arrival, you will receive a validated ticket.

Booking information: tel. for call             +38 (063) 7000 500

                           for messengers       +38 (097) 6000 120

e-mail: sanatoriykhmilnyk@gmail.com,

on-line: khmilnyk-zdrav.com.ua, skype: sanatoriykhmilnyk.

Radon - a method of conventional medicine?

In the developed countries radon therapy is not accepted as a conventional medicine, although in US hundreds of thousands patients annually visit radon caves in Montana, and other radon deposits. In most European countries, Russia, CIS countries, and Japan - radon is a widely used method of balneotherapy.

What are the main treatment profiles in the sanatorium "Khmelnik"?

Our main specialization is the treatment of patients with diseases:

  • spine and joints (osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis, consequences of injuries); heart and blood vessels (heart attack, stenocardia, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident, cerebral arteriosclerosis);
  • endocrine system (diabetes and its complications);
  • urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis);
  • male and female sex organs (inflammatory diseases of the uterus and adnexa, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, infertility);
  • skin (psoriasis, neurodermatitis).
What documents are required for registration in the resort?

With you, you should have:

  • passport;

If you have: please provide documents verifying disability/functional limitations or a certificate from your local Healthcare organization, which proves the functional limitations.

If possible, a sanatorium card and medical records, connected to your diagnosis, the results from medical examinations (analysis and radiograms), patient case records, and advisory opinions.